Chief Patronage's Message

Greetings from GNIBM!!!

There is a mushroom growth of educational institutions all over the country, but the quality is absolutely sacrificed. We are living in the age of competition and therefore, what is required is the qualitative education. The GNIBM is the one which will fulfill the dream of quality-education of the students, desiring to seek admission in the institute.

I am sure that no government-either provincial or central, is able to raise a befitting infrastructure and deploy excellent faculty to ensure quality education to students in the present scenario. I congratulate the management of the institute, who has come forward to fulfill the aspirations, like so many others, already working in the field of education and raising as many institutions as are needed to cope with the ever staggering number of students. Though providing education is a task of the government, it is regrettably failing to discharge its onus.

With best infrastructure, fully equipped with the faculty of top quality, I hope the institute will espouse the cause of the students the best way and train them as professional man power, most needed by industries in the technology and management field. The GNIBM is the one which will inspire the students to accomplish their goal with ease and comfort.

I wish the management of the institute a great success in its mission. May the winds of fortune below fair on all the students, who I hope will take the fullest advantage of the finest infrastructure and the excellent faculty.